Top 6 WordPress Themes in 2022

1. OceanWP

This theme is at the top of our list of the best multipurpose themes. It can create any website, including eCommerce and membership sites. It's one of the most popular WordPress themes out there, and it's eCommerce ready with a lightning-fast page load time. Because OceanWP is responsive, sites look great on mobile and tablet screens.

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2. Astra

Astra is another powerful and rapidly growing WordPress theme. You can save time designing your site with this lightning-fast theme by using one of the pre-built site templates. You can easily change colors or fonts to match your brand without writing a single line of code.

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3. Hestia

Hestia is a popular ThemeIsle product with numerous 5-star reviews. ThemeIsle is a well-known and popular theme shop that was founded in 2012. Hestia is a modern and stylish one-page theme that can be used for any website. It prioritizes speed and performance, ensuring that your website loads quickly.

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4. Sydney

Another excellent option is Sydney, a mobile responsive design that looks great on all devices. This is an excellent theme for creatives who are starting their businesses. It includes a portfolio layout with stylish tiles that open up into quick view boxes for clients to take a closer look at your best projects.

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5. Neve

We chose Neve by Themeisle because it's mobile-first and responsive. This free theme can be used with the most popular page builders to make website creation easy. This theme is also available from Themeisle, so you can be certain that it will get regular updates.

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6. Simple

Simple is a WordPress theme created by Themify that allows you to integrate a Shopify store into your WordPress site easily. As a result, you can convert your WordPress site into an eCommerce store where customers can purchase products without navigating to Shopify. It's also versatile enough for a regular blog or business website.

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Buying guide for the best WordPress theme

You cannot just choose random themes to use on your website. Before adding a theme to the cart, ensure it meets certain conditions. Let's have a look at the conditions.

Are You Using It Properly for Your Business?

This is the first thing you should consider when designing a website theme. You won't be able to sell organic goods on a website designed for electronic products. Remember that a good theme has a profound impact on customers' minds.

Choose a theme that is relatable to your business. Also, choose carefully when selecting the colors for your website theme.

Better Content Placement

Your theme will determine the location of your content. You will have better chances of selling your products if you place your content well. You might consider choosing a theme incorporating more CTA(Call To Action).

CTA content on your website has a greater chance of increasing sales. Your website will look dull and overstuffed if you use too many CTAs. Choosing a theme that will allow for more CTA content is important.


Some of your customers might not have access to a computer. Customers will abandon your site if the theme doesn't work with their smartphones and tablets. You must choose a responsive design theme that works on all devices.

SEO Factors

Who wouldn't want their website to be on the first search result page? Ranking on the top page will result in higher click rates and better chances of driving sales.

Always ensure that you select an SEO-optimized topic. Confirming that the code conforms with the relevant code rules is better. Clean, valid code is better for search engines. You can verify this in the theme's description. It's a plus if your theme supports SEO plugins.

Free Updates

You don't want your site to be stuck with a dated theme. You don't want to spend a lot on updating your theme. Check to see if there are any updates available from the theme developers.

Fonts And Icons

Websites look professional and stylish with the right icons and fonts. So that you can personalize your website in the way you prefer, make sure that you select a theme that allows you to use various fonts and icons.

A WordPress theme may not meet all of these conditions. Do not worry! Choose a theme that most fulfills these conditions.

Final Thoughts

A good theme always makes a difference. It's similar to how we dress for an important event. And representing your website to your customer is similar to that important event. That is why you must ensure your website is properly groomed to catch the eye. This article selected four standard themes that will suit your e-commerce brand or business website. We also revealed the secrets of selecting the best themes so that you can always select the best theme for your WordPress website.